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Culture and ME

The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Culture for me is everything I dont have to do. It ranges from the clothes I wear to the very music I listen to. It has a wide range of influences and ambitions. Many of my interests contradict each other but yet they are the very essence of my existence.

I am a practitioner of jiu jitsu, dubbed the human chess game. Jiu Jitsu is said  to considered as a form of martial arts that was handed down from ancient Samurai warriors of Japan. It has become one of the more preferred disciplines around the world. The movements of Jiu-jitsu are mostly made up of ground-grappling, throws, punches, and kicks. The martial arts discipline also teaches the student how to handle weapons. The techniques applied in Jiu-jitsu centre mostly on the use of leverage as oppose to brute strength. This means that mastery of the techniques is what matters. (quote)

Because of its strong historical links, and origins from the Samurai warriors, jui jitsu (BJJ) is known as a gentle art unlike Boxing (which has a blood sport attachment to it)

JJ teaches the weak to overcome the strong, teaches respect, patience. Unlike bloodsport martial arts, whose practitioners are thought to hate their opponents and pummel them until their body gives in, JJ takes a gentle side.JJ victors will maintain an aggressive stance on opponants – who choose to “tap” (quit) rather than actually face harm

 Students of BJJ are thought to respect their opponents, thus outskilling and out thinking them

By been dubbed a human chess game, JJ has received a reputation of a peaceful art.. therefore been classes as a high culture activity..

On the flip side of things I also like MMA. Mma stands for mixed martial arts and unlike BJJ is a blood sport. MMA encourages fighters to beat the other guy into submission… and therefore is a low class cultural activity.. But.. I love it….

 So, the distinction for me? High culture involves a lot of thinking.. chess, art, classical music, BJJ and so on.. Mass culture requires less thinking skills from the audience

 Harsh….? Perhaps.. but for me….it sums Mass and high culture up


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