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Gender issues in work

In class today we examined the gender issues that arise in work and views it from a female stance.

Using a handout/report from Skillset from 2010 titled ‘women in creative industries’

From this blog I found out some essential facts about the divide of sexes in the workplace

  • 42% of the creative workforce are female
  • 46% of the general workforce are female
  • Skillset’s research shows a stark gender imbalance in the audio-visual industries where the proportion of women dropped from 38 per cent to 27 per cent between 2006 and 2009.
  • The television industry also has the greatest disparity in average earnings between men (£39,000) and women (£32,500). And while 75%of men working in the industry are aged 35 and over, this is true of just over 52% of women.
  • 35% of men in the industry have dependent children living with them but only 23% of
    women, suggesting that many women leave the industry as a consequence of starting a


These facts highlight an important divide in the sexes with  men occupying over 52% of roles in teh creative industry

We have the following reoccurring issues in women roles

  1. Women have to choose between family or career
  2. Women may have an issue balancing work/employment
  3. Difficulty in adapting to flexi working hours
  4. the importance of the partners support
  5. Working mothers felt guilt for leaving their kids 
  6. Women are under reprosented in management roles – Research from the 2011 Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) reveals that women currently hold 20% of senior management positions globally, down from 24% in 2009, and up just 1% from 2004
  7. Women are places in more admin roles
  8. Women are led to adopt mail traits in order to advance 
  9. Older women are highly discriminated against

From the studies and reports I have looked at I have come to the following conclusion


In the creative industry the divide between the sexes should be abolished. Women and men can preform equally on all creative levels and therefore should have equal opportunities.

I feel the only reason women are discriminated against is because they are able to have kids, and therefore are granted 6 months maternity leave – where men are grated only 4 days.

This simple fact, although in my mind is terrible is the strongest point in the inequality in the work place, highlights employers may have an issue with maternity leave. 

To combat this I suggest employers offer equal maternity leave to men and women, thus giving the family an option on which partner can work.

Adopt flexi time roles for both men and women







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