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All systems GO!!!

With the 22nd approaching fast our team are arranging the final steps of the project.

We have set up a Facebook and twitter account to assist us in promoting the open day.
I have shared the Facebook event on the DkIT student union page, the CM page and the general DkIT page on Facebook..

I have arranged for the DkIT radio to promote it throughout its shows – hoping it starts up before the event….

I made posters for the event and posted them in various places over the college in an attempt to rise awareness

Naimh contacted Creative Spark and requested they upload our poster on their website and promote the event via their Facebook and twitter.

I think from all this promotion, coupled with the other groups we will generate a substantial footfall level and raise awareness of both DkIT and Creative Spark.

Martin arranged sponsorship for the printing of students graphics, all of which will be done on A2 size poster paper.. arranged for 4euro each

We will also offer small refreshments at the event, thanks to the sponsorship.

We have gathered work from Keiran and JJ so we can display HCI, 3D, Graphic design. I am still waiting on the Website projects from Peter Groslin.


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