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When initially invited to complete a project for the Creative Spark (CS) our team explored the possibility of presenting a light show projected on the external wall of the CS building.  Our aim for this project was to draw attraction to the building and thus enhancing attention for the CS.

As students of DkIT we have been introduced to 3d design, flash animation and basic film procedures. We, as a team felt this background would be suitable to host and promote such an event.

Our research for this matter was thorough, exploring various light shows from all over the world. We examined the following shows

From research on this subject we were drawn to Kit Webster. Kit Webster is a mixed media artist working with Building Projections, Projection Mapping, Video Sculpture, New Media Installation, Light Sculpture and judging by their vimeo site are one of the market leaders in such projects.

We attempted to contact kit via their website to ask for advice and guidance for this project, but to no avail. Either they missed our mail or chose not to reply, but it was a fruitless effort.

We then took the lead ourselves and went to research this subject further but, from this research we found it very expensive and way outside our means. Couple the costs and considering the Irish weather is so unpredictable we decided to abandon this idea and start planning again.

We then sat and started a mind map. it was obvious from this mind map that out goals were three fold.

  1. We wanted to promote the Creative Spark and raise awareness for its services,  both brining the CS to the people, and the people to CS
  2. We wanted to promote the services available in DkIt
  3. We wanted to promote ourselves and pose a new challenge that would combine our skills.

We then explored the possibility of hosting an open day for the CS while showcasing past years projects from DkIT and more important give the public a reason to visit the CS


Our first steps for this new project was to fully understand the concept of an open day and how to fully utilise our skills while presenting it.


Some of the key aspects and strengths of holding an open day are:


  • Open days ware a beneficial way of both bringing a product to the people and more so the people to the product.
  • A great way of generating awareness for an organization.
  •  An open day gives people the chance to see what’s on offer in an easily accessible way.
  • Generates word of mouth.
  • Benefits both the organization and the publics.
  • Depending on scale it can be reasonably inexpensive.

This suited our team perfectly we not had a relatively expensive but highly effective way to promote the CS while highlighting works in DkIT. We originally intended to focus on potential clients and residents of the CS, but by holding an open day we could attract a wider market for the event.

Our team had the ability to obtain its content right here in the college, use items from the college, such as easels and projector  in the promotion and collectively utilise the skills personal gathered  while been a student in DkIt to present the CS in a professional manner.

After various team meetings our team had formulated a plan. We would use content from the last three years as a bench mark of what the CS can offer new residents and potential students.

Once digital content was gathered Martin and I went to assemble this in a presentable form, it ranged from

  • Printing graphics on A2 paper and displaying these on Easels
  • Assembling prior projects in 3d, flash, director, games dev and web design into a show reel which could be projected inside the CS building
  • Arranging introduction graphics for said show reels

This was the most taxing part. We faced some minor but heavily time consuming issues prior to assembly, these ranged from:

  • Unifying all motion based projects into one format. To do this we had use a video screen grab of the projects and convert these to AVI. Considering some of the projects were over 4 minutes in length this was very time consuming.
  • The majority of projects had file names like ”MyProject” or “major_Project” and made identification of the author near impossible. So, Martin and I had to liaise with lecturers to fund the correct author for the content
  • Reinstall PHP & MYSQL settings on individual websites so we could have them fully functional and make a screen recording of the site
  • Unify sizes of graphic work to A2


As our team wanted to display the graphic design elements on paper Martin took charge of getting printing prices from various shops.

From this Martin obtained a price of €4 per page (some were as high as €18/page). This €4 price, whoever cheap it was, was still stretching our pockets as we were printing 15 designs.

To combat this Martin went and obtained sponsorship from Musgrave’s cash and carry. This enables us to successfully complete the printing and even gave us an opportunity to offer refreshments. We were able to provide 3 crates of fizzy drinks and one large box (60 packs) of crisps.

This was the final piece of the puzzle fixed, we now have all elements to host an open day in the CS building.

Our team had various meetings/phone calls with Sarah and Sophie in order to ensure out open day suited their requests too, as this event was to benefit them too!

Niamh McHugh had a vital part to play in this project too. Niamh took charge of Social media setting up a Facebook account and a Twitter account.

By doing so she was able to promote our event via the internet gained 21 accepted invitations to the event on FB and tweeting 4 times and gaining 12 followers on twitter.

Niamh also took notes at the meetings and on the day of the event collected the printed posters from the print house. Niamh also had the task of collecting the projector from DkIT after a painful booking process by me.

The day of the show Martin and I went to the CS at 1:45pm and started to set up the show. We needed to attach the A2 prints to more sturdy cardboard in order to display them correctly on the easels.

Finally we were ready to start our show at 4pm, and the rest is history….









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