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Richie hunt creative self report


For this assignment I wanted to step away from the norm and complete a project that was a little off the cuff. I versed on a lot of Adobe products, as are the class, so I wanted to complete a project that will not be replicated by any class members.

To start off I was unsure what I wanted to do, as the project was open I wanted to create a logo for CM Dkit. To do so I used Cinema 4d.I chose this program because it is not thought in college and I wanted to display my extracurricular work.

I originally started off and replicated the DkIt logo, it looked good. But, I wanted something more interesting. I wanted to put a twist on it that made it more industrial looking.

To do this I researched methods to complete this and was greeted with a plug in called Greebler.

Greebler is a method used in movie making to create futuristic, sifi type models in movies and would allow me to create a more industrial look to the logo.

So, this was my platform to build.

As I said I started off and replicated the CM DkIT square logo, but it has been done before.. Many times. So, I decided to stick with the lettering of CM DkIT… I have included my design, I hope you like it.

I also made a second project.

Over the Xmas I was stumped for ideas and while researching I was drawn to stop motion photography.

First off I was drawn to the idea of do a stop motion show of the exterior of the Carrolls building showing the day passing by from sun up to sun down. I tried this, taking pictures once an hour, but I found the sky was so bland it did not make good viewing. So I decided to try this photography technique on an environment I could control.

I started to toy about in my house with various objects but again I could not gain the desired results. So, I went back to the drawing board.

I needed something I could control and something that was obviously changing throughout time.

As I was thinking I lay my chin on my hand and I was struck with inspiration.  I had not shaved in a few days and had quite a bit of stubble and I figured out I could use this for the stop motion.

I wont give too much information on my subject. I will let you view it and I hope you like it












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