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Culture and what it means to me

Today I heard the definition of culture and it hit the nail right on the head..

“Culture is everything we do not HAVE to do”

So, I take it I am now a member of Scouse culture as I am a follower of Liverpool, a subscriber of black culture because I like hip-hop, I am an affiliate of the artistic culture because I love to design & photograph but most of all.. I am an associate of the hippie culture because I love to love….

But, culture is more to me than just simple events or followings. It is the reason I am “me”.

It is the carving block that life and society has used to mould a little child, born in 1977, into the 35-year-old mature student – who is adoring every element of his life now.

it is the reason I have accumulated my circle of friends, it is the reason I am sitting beside over 500 DVD’s and CD’s and even more.. it is the reason I am using this laptop now to recite these words..

Culture is the very essence of my life….

I am very lucky, I have spent a lot of time travelling, reaping the benefits from my interaction with various other cultures all over the world – all of which aided me in becoming the person I am now – and because of such experiences I also adopt many other people’s cultures too..

I was lucky enough to spend time with Paleo-Indians in Pittsburgh, and although I do not follow their exact customs I try to include their peaceful mannerisms in my life… So I am lucky enough to subscribe to the culture of these amazing people too

but, it is dinner time.. and I am now going to subscribe to the culture of health eating and enjoy my dinner…..



Fast Horse, of the Sioux Nation of Minnesota, entertains with his son Calin in the atrium of the college