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Online Dating

With the prominence of the internet on today’s society people have based their entire life online. We use it to work, we use it to play, so naturally the progression is to search for love on line.

Today’s career focused society leaves individuals little time for social interactions. This reduces the ease of which people can find a suitable match for dating. the downturn of the economic climate also promotes on line dating.

Many people have changed the way they view on line dating, thanks to the incorporation of the internet in out daily lives. Internet speed have grown, as has peoples access to personal computers and thanks to these progressions the negative stigma of online relationships had dwindled.

It is evident , because of the remove of negative stigma from internet dating there has been a vast surge on internet dating participants – growing from 20million users in 2007 to 40 million users in 2012.

While the social stigma has changed it is argued that the internet provides many tools to promoting on line dating to the mainstream. These tools are :

  • Accessibility – the internet can be accessed from almost anywhere via computers, tablets and phones.
  • Affordability – internet access pricing have greatly reduced as its popularity has grown.
  • Anonymity  – the internet is faceless and offers privacy.
With these elements that make the internet easier to use, I feel it is important to identify both the positive and negatives aspects of using internet dating services.
  •  Affordable
  •  An easy alternative to bars and club
  •  People are busy
  •  Risk-free flirtation
  •  Like minded individuals
  •  Not just dating sites, social networking
  • First date jitters can be removed
  • Interest can be shown without face to face rejection
  • Increased potential for deception
  • Sticking to a check list may cause a user to miss a good match
  • It is difficult to fully get to know someone over a computer
  • Focusing on online dating may may cause people to miss a match in the real world.
  • Judgement of that “spark” is impossible over the internet.

Although on line dating has become more acceptable in modern times there is still a social stigma attached. The stigmas of online dating are:

  • Desperation
  • Lack interpersonal skills
  • Nerds
  • Perverts

Although previously mentioned as a positive element in online dating, anonymity can also be a deterrent for online daters. Users can doctor profile information and photos posing as someone they are not. People can also lie about height, weight, age and how recent their photograph is.